He tended exactingly to his zoysia lawn and his

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4. 1992 Dallas Cowboys With Troy Aikman throwing for 28 touchdowns and 3,400 yards, despite 14 picks, the Cowboys had one of the greatest offensive lines and running backs of all time in Emmitt Smith. He had a career year even for him with 1712 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns.

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For one thing, the Browns are categorically awful against well, everyone, but fantasy QBs in particular they've allowed three passing touchdowns seven times this year, two TDs four times, and fewer than two only three times. With Kenneth Farrow looking not ready to be a bell cow back, and questions about which tight end (Antonio Gates, Hunter Henry) or which receiver (Tyrell Williams, Travis Benjamin, Dontrelle Inman) to use, better to just go with the relative sure thing and use Rivers. S facing Cleveland have put up 0.54 fantasy points per dropback this season; those same guys dip to 0.43 against everyone else..

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